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We strongly focus on All- round student development

KDM Public School provides an education that enables our students to fulfil their potential - be it social, intellectual, academic, sporting or cultural. We will do so not because these potentials, full developed, fully developed, are useful, economically marketable or aesthetically rewarding but because we want every single one of our students to find something that they are good at. The extensive range of activities that school offers, will enable all our students to find something that they can excel at. In this way they would come to an appreciation of their worth as individuals and gain the self-esteem and self-confidence to which we aspire as the hallmark of our graduates.

We adopt a variety of teaching models in order to produce students who can think critically, synthesis and transform, experiment and create. In short, we aim to equip our students for the 21st Century. Our teaching methods are thus far removed from the didactic approaches traditional in many countries.

KDM Public school is much more than an orderly environment. Our disciplinary systems, from the day that students enter the school, aim to make them realize that we must all take responsibility for our own actions. This realization is fundamental to bringing our students to a preference for self-discipline over imposed discipline.


School Management

Master R.S Ahlawat

Chief Patron
Retired Maths Teacher

Dr. Navneet Ahlawat

Ph.D M.Phill M.Sc B.ed

Mrs. Kavita Malik

M.A B.ed

Dr. Neetu Ahlawat

Chief Advisor
Associate Professor, GJU Hissar
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