Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations:-

Students are required to bring their school diary every day. Students absent from school due to illness or any other valid reason must present a written reason for the absence, from the parents guardians to the school, when the student returns to school. It is the responsibility of the parents guardians to send the letter to school and the class teacher should sign this letter as well.

Student infected with a communicable disease, must present a medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner, when the student returns to school.

Students should always be neatly dressed with their shoes polished and hair done properly. Finger nails must be cut short and kept clean. Girls with very short hair should wear hair bands. Those with shoulder length hair should make ponytail with an elastic band. Long hair should be plaited and tied with an elastic band.

Students are advised to make use of dustbins provided for throwing bits of paper, etc. They are expected to keep the campus neat and clean.

No Student should shout or whistle in the school premises. Students must take care of school property. Damaging school furniture, writing on walls, etc. will be dealt strictly. Students shall reimburse the cost of any school property damaged by them.

Students must look after their belongings. They are advised not to bring costly articles to school. The school shall not be responsible for any article which may be lost or stolen.

Student should not bring mobile phones in school. Parents are not permitted to visit the classroom to meet their wards.

Students are always expected to set standards of good conduct and politeness in the school, in the buses and at public places. The school is judged by the conduct of the students. They should greet their teachers and elders whenever they meet them.


  • 1. Asthmatic Students should always keep inhalers with them while in school.
  • 2. Students suffering from chronic diseases should inform the school authorities about their ailments at the time of admission.
  • 3. School will not be responsible for any contingencies related to the same



    • 1. The school emphasizes a high standard of discipline and also demands from students serious application to their studies as well as other pursuits. This calls for co-operation from parents. It requires their honouring the school rules and regulations themselves as well as seeing that their sons/daughters/wards also do the same.
    • 2. Students are not allowed to use foul language in the school premises as well as parents must ensure their wards not to use foul language at home.
    • 3. Students must be punctual and regular to school. They should be neatly dressed in the proper school uniform with Identity card.
    • 4. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and their belongings.
    • 5. Students should eat proper breakfast and bring nutritious food for lunch.
    • 6. Any act or omission which may harm the atmosphere of the school or affects its image will be treated as serious indiscipline.
    • 7. Student should maintain decorum & discipline in the laboratories / Computer Labs. In case of any damage or breakage to the apparatus issued to the student, its required to be replaced by students within 3 days.


Admission & Withdrawal:-

  • 1. At the time of admission, the student must produce a leaving certificate from the recognized school last attended. A student, who has never attended school before, must produce the original birth certificate. A month’s notice is required for the withdrawal of pupil or the fee for the following month will be changed. Such notice must be given in writing by the concerned Parent/Guardian.
  • 2. Fee for April and May will be charged even if application for withdrawal of student is made in March.
  • 3. No Leaving Certificate is issued until all debts/ dues to the School are paid in full
  • 4. Fee to be paid by 10th of every month. After that Rs 10/- per day fine will be charged. Student name will be struck off without any prior notice if fee is not paid well in time.
  • 5. To provide information well in time Parents must ensure to provide their working mobile number at the school reception. Any change to be updated at the school reception.

Fee Concession:-

  • 1. In case of siblings half tuition fee(s) of junior student(s) will not be charged.
  • 2. In case of Orphan, 15% concession will be given in the tuition fee.

School Management

Master R.S Ahlawat

Chief Patron
Retired Maths Teacher

Dr. Navneet Ahlawat

Ph.D M.Phill M.Sc B.ed

Mrs. Kavita Malik

M.A B.ed

Dr. Neetu Ahlawat

Chief Advisor
Associate Professor, GJU Hissar
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